August 16, 2018


Clickfunnels is a helpful and resourceful page builder site available on the market. What you are looking to do will always come down to your project needs and expectations as well as what type of sales funnel you are looking to build and market. Clickfunnels is known as being a user-friendly platform that will help you with things like lead generation, conversions and getting your business out there for the world to see.

Why Choose Clickfunnels?

This platform acts as a one-stop-shop for all things marketing and sales funnel related. Whether you are in the fitness industry, have a gardening service, sell clothing items or are a dentist, there is a funnel structure out there for you. Because the focus is on assisting you with sales, it offers you some really interesting options when it comes to building out your funnels. This means that if you spend some time going through the how you can pretty much be building your own funnels in no time. You have a wide choice of templates and elements to create pages which are aligned to your brand as well as optimized for mobile users.

Clickfunnels is also a really great choice because it helps you to sell your products and services. How? By getting the information and offers out there in the world. While traditional ways of marketing your company can turn out costly and ineffective, clickfunnels has pretty much nailed the concept of bringing people to your product/service. In other words, if you’ve got the right idea for a product or service, there is someone out there who will buy it.

The upside

If you are looking to build out a marketing funnel that is going to help you get leads, convert them and push your sales up then Clickfunnels is a good place to start. Their templates are created to meet the requirements of different marketing funnels. So whether you are looking to build your subscribers (with optin pages) or host a webinar, the platform serves these purposes well.

Here are the types of funnels you are able to create in some more detail:

Optin/Lead Capture Funnels – For collecting the email addresses of your visitors and growing your mailing lists;

Sales Page Funnels – Used to sell products and/or services. These templates can also incorporate upsells/downsells to the sales process should you need these features;

Webinar Funnels – From collecting registrations to hosting the webinars and any replays you may want to have;

Membership Sites – This option is useful for people who want to create courses that will be available within a membership site structure.

Once you’ve done the groundwork of what you are going to market and sell you have the option of making use of one of many templates available. How much you customize them is completely up to you but the option to adapt the templates to your branding is there as the templates can also be used as a reference for you to get started. When you are working on the templates the live editor interface makes it pretty straightforward to make the changes and the user-friendliness is quite good.

And if you don’t want to use a template then you can go ahead and build the pages out from scratch too. Plus you are able to see how the pages are turning out as you are working on them which helps a lot.

Whether you are experienced in building pages or not, there is a lot of helpful videos out there to make your experience an easier one. There is a video for pretty much everything out there and they keep them short and to the point which helps when it comes to learning how to do things on the software quickly. They also have a chat support feature which can come in handy if you ever get stuck on something.

When you are busy with the building of your pages, you’ll soon discover the selection of element widgets available. If you are not finding the element you need, all you need to do is type in the search bar above the elements and if it is available it will appear for you to use. There is a great knowledge base that you can always make use of any time you get stuck or are unsure.

The system is quite easy to get the hang of and when it comes to changing backgrounds, page widths, text sizing and colours the responsiveness of the live editor makes things a lot easier. You can also customize your funnels by adding your domains of choice. In short, there is a lot of ways you can make each of your funnels really your own.

There are also integration options when it comes to accepting payments through your funnels. Stripe is built in and quite easy to set up. If you are not using any email software to deliver your mail series or autoresponders, then you can also choose to use the in-house mail software called Actionetics. With this, you are able to set up your email service provider so that any emails you are sending out are in fact coming from your own address.

There is no real point in having a marketing funnel set up unless you plan to track click rates, optins and the other important data that you can use to increase your future sales. The software allows you to track visitor rates, conversions and evaluate any split testing you have carried out with your pages. The data is available to you in a straightforward way and helps take the guesswork out of optimising your funnels to get the most results.

The downside

One of the first big disadvantages that comes to mind when looking to sign up with Clickfunnels is its pricing structure. Compared to something like OptimizePress it seems the more expensive option. A basic plan is $97 per month. This is not a dealbreaker though if you counteract the pricing with your product sales or any affiliate association. It can be worked around to make sure that your outlay on such a resource is countered by sales so that you are not seeing it so much as a big expense but rather a justifiable resource.

Another disadvantage seems to be the amount of pages you are limited to creating. There is a limit on the number of funnels, pages and visitors with the standard plan that can possibly become an issue for you in the future depending on your usage.

While the site may be easy to use, there is a lot of stuff to learn and some pretty in-depth stuff. The good side of this though is that it is regularly updated and there are weekly webinar sessions and learning guides so if you are prepared to learn, then this will not be a problem for you.

Split testing, while a built in feature – is fairly basic and a lot of people generally opt for external forms of analytics to make use of also. More so if things like Facebook ads are being directed to the funnels.
It should be used as a starting guide, you could say, but not the only method of testing should this be something you are serious about doing.

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