Hey Boss,

I run a service based business building Authority Sites, Landing pages,
Membership sites and sales funnels for a living.

My business is a service based business and I need leads coming in everyday
to keep my head out of the water so I had to learn Online Lead Generation
over the years.

I am NOT a programmer or designer, I am businessman and know just enough
to connect the pieces together so that I can get enquiries. Anything out my
skillset, I send to my MyFunnelTeam.

Without further do, let’s talk about the tools that I can’t live without.


Clickfunnels is a cloud based drag and drop landing page builder. What that
means is that I don’t need to install anything on my computer or website to
create pages.

It has a WYSIWIG (What You See Is What You Get ) editor. You can edit
your landing page ( lead generation page ) like you’d be editing a powerpoint
or a word doc.

It is by far my best investment ever and here’s why.

In my business, I need to target different audiences with different messages.

I often wake up at night with a brilliant angle/idea and can’t sleep until I have
put up a page and started sending traffic to it.

Clickfunnels helps me do just that. I don’t need anyone else but myself to setup
my landing pages.

The other great thing about it is that it comes with plenty of resources that
teach you how to build pages that generates lead day in day out.

If you’re like me, you’ll love it.

You can get a Free Trial HERE


In a service based business, you don’t need a ton of leads. You just need quality
inquiries and you don’t need to build a big list.

I like keeping all leads on a third party autoresponder service and I use
Aweber for this. I create a list and a form on aweber and then paste it on my
landing page built on Clickfunnels.

Here’s more details on how this works;

When my leads fill up an inquiry form, the data goes into the Aweber list and I
get notification email with all the details.

I pick it up from there and call the prospect but of course, not all of them
turn into clients.

So from time to time I send them emails to keep in educate, build authority,
keep in touch and sell my services to those who haven’t bought yet and to
upsell to those who have bought.

Aweber lets you create different lists, hence you can have a list of buyers only
or prospects.

You can get a trial version by clicking HERE

WordPress Hosting

Running a web development agency gives me exposure to a multitude of Web
Hosting and I can say with no doubt that they have the best support on the
planet, hands down.

You ge all sorts of cheaper hosting everywhere, but if your business relies a lot
on your websites that you would want to pay a bit more to sleep at night.

Check them out Here


English is my 3rd language as you may have noticed so keeping my grammar
in check is important. You might not have the same problem as me but I also
like using their app which keeps all articles I am writing in one place in the
cloud. I can login from any device and carry on writing whatever I start.

They also say this Grammarly is the world’s most accurate grammar checker

Check it out HERE

Facebook Traffic

Let’s say it as it is. Facebook is currently the best place to get super targeted
traffic, FAST. Everyone is on Facebook.

It’s true that you can advertise on Twitter, Pinterest, Google, Outbrain,
Youtube and so on but right you now, the right place to advertise is on FB.
That is for ANY business.

Think of it like that. Some people spend time on LinkedIn, on Twitter
or Google, but they all have one thing in common. They all have a Facebook
account and spend some time on it daily.

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