There are so many things that can go wrong with a SqueezePage or launch funnel and I have certainly made a lot of these booboos so I know exactly what I am talking about.

For the purposes of this article, we will assume that you have just setup a Squeeze page + Thank you page. If You haven’t then you’d want to check out my favorite tool that I use to build landing pages on WordPress, click Here

The context is that you are giving away a lead magnet and people should land on your thank you page after they enter their name and email. Traffic is coming from FB for instance.

Let’s get into it. I am going to prompt you with questions so that you develop the right instincts for this type of thing.

First off, does your page look professional, credible and trustworthy? Does it look like a regular website in the eyes of people in your niche? It is important to note that all niches don’t follow the same design trends and it’s good to show users what they’re used to. Data suggests that users can easily be thrown off by “creative” and unusual designs.

Does it reflect your brand?
Are you using the best URL or page URL for it? It’s never too late to change

Do you have a headline that catches the attention of your prospect?
Do you have a subhead that builds on the headline explaining it a bit into more detail?

Does your lead magnet lead into your main offer?
Or are they totally unrelated? A bit late to ask this question but this should have been the first question anyway…

Are you clearly selling the benefits of the lead magnet?
Are you selling the lead magnet enough? Too many people think that because they are giving something for free, it will sell itself. So Not true.

When it doubt, put down a list of benefits of acquiring the leadmagnet. e.g After you’ve read this ebook and completed the exercises laid out, you’ll be able to read faster. I am selling clear results, future pacing in other words.

Could you add a testimonial somewhere in there? Testimonials add social proof and are the most important factor while trying to sell something. Social proof!

Are you sure the language you’re using speaks to the right demographics? The same product can be sold to the different demographics but with different angles/language.

Now let’s get a bit technical.
When you fill up your form, does it go to a thank you page? I use Aweber for my forms, it’s the best in the industry and you can try it for free, check it out Here

When you land on the thank you page, does it tell you what just happened? Do you feel in the right place? I have been sent to a thank you page that confuses me more often than not.

Does your thank your page look the same as the squeeze page? Otherwise you would scare off or confuse your user.
Do you thank your customer for having requested your lead magnet?

Do they need to download it right away on the thank you page? Or will it be sent to their inbox?

If it is supposed to go to your inbox, did you receive a mail? Did the mail have a link for download? When you click on that link, does it actually take you to exactly what you requested?

Can you use the thank you page to sell something? Right there when you have your prospect’s full attention? If not, why not?

What’s stopping you from adding an OTO there? ( OTO = One Time Offer )

Now if you have a download button on the page, when you click on the button does it actually open or download the lead magnet? No broken links? Good!

Check your database and see if you see your test name/email in there.
Now is your page compliant with FB or Google terms and conditions? Do you have Privacy, Ts & Cs links in the footer?

Is your page mobile responsive? Does it look good on mobile? Nothing cut off?

What is your page load speed? Did you run it through speed tests? Can it be improved? A simple cache plugin could speed it up if you’re on WordPress.

Have you placed Google Analytics tracking codes on your pages?

Have you setup Goals on Google Analytics?

How are you tracking conversions?

Have you setup Google retargeting pixels just in case you want to do that in the future?

If you will be sending traffic from FB have you set up your tracking and conversion pixels? Did you test the pixels? Are you sure you did it right? How did you test it? I usually use an add-on for Chrome called Pixel Helper.

Above is a list of questions you should ask yourself after setting up your pages. I am sure I’ve missed a couple of things, but this should get you going.

If you have anything else to add, please add it in the comments below this post.

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