​refund policy

We operate at a 100% refund policy for any funnel builds and web build projects.

There is no refund on traffic projects as we don't know if the funnel works until we do it. We can only guarantee putting your funnel in front of the right audience.

After receiving a quote from us, you would be required to make 100% upfront payment for any jobs up to USD 2000 and 50% deposit for anything higher for us to get started with the job.

While we building your site, you can request at 100% if you feel that you are not getting value for money and we will do that no questions asked! You need to make your request when we just got started with the project i.e when you see the first drafts and we're less than 30% through, not 50% through or after the project is completed.

We don't offer any money-back on results. We use the same framework on all projects, some offers work and some don't.

No refunds on hourly maintenance service.

Your refund will be processed within 30 days.

Rajeev Kistoo

ps: We never receive this type of requests as we always do our best to keep our clients happy, but we have this policy just in case.

pps: We reserve the right to use our discretion on projects and look at it case by case.