Anatomy of a High Ticket Sales Funnel

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Rajeev Kistoo

Dear Friend

I’ll never say this enough.

If you want to succeed in ANY business, you need to have a funnel that brings you qualified lead in a predictable and scalable manner.

Now if you are in the high ticket game, you need to be able to generate qualified appointments so that you can sell on the phone.

Preferably, you should be able to generate leads using paid advertising as it is the most reliable and scale-able source of traffic.

You can use Facebook, Google, Youtube, Instagram etc to send an unlimited amount of high quality traffic to your appointment funnels.

I have personally built 100s of funnels ( with my team of course ) and seen the ones that work and the ones that bomb and I can tell you one thing.

The simplest funnels always beat the fancy and complex ones. ( But of course, I would recommend you run your own tests as each market is different. )

My funnels and campaigns got me heavy hitter clients like Frank Kern, Digital Marketer, Jeff Walker, Mark Bowness so I know a thing or 2 about them.

Peoples’ attention span is getting shorter and shorter by the day and more and more emails are being dropped in Gmail’s Promotions tab.

This means that you can need to optimize every single step of your funnel for maximum impact.

Unfortunately, too many people are focusing on the technicalities rather than the most important thing, which in my opinion is, the human connection/relationship with your audience and the value delivered. ( Your offer )

People buy from people and more from people they Know, Like & Trust.

That’s what funnels are about.

The role of a funnel is to take the customer down a journey which takes them from not knowing you or your brand, to knowing, liking you and trusting you enough to want to do business with you.

Now there are dozens of funnel structures out there and this one is a simple/effective Appointment generating funnel.

Introducing… The Case Study Funnel

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The Case Study Funnel, often seems to work better than an evergreen webinar funnel and here’s the reason why.

The word Case Study pre-frames people to think that the video/content will show actual success stories backed with numbers like we are used to. ( works great for the logical audience, people who are super successful and busy )

It also creates more curiosity in the skeptic’s minds.

It uses story telling for the right brained.

It typically includes 4 steps/pages and here they are :

1. Optin page/Squeezepage

This page would have a headline that says something like :

Attention xxxx audience!

Video Case Study : How we got x results in xxx number of days without ] [ big objection ]

E.g How We Got 158 High Ticket Leads In 25 Days Without Spending A Dime On Advertising.

You get the idea.

CASE STUDY Student Studying Hard and Students Learning Education Diverse People Campus

2. Case Study Video Page

This page hosts the actual case study video which lasts around 12-15 minutes.

The video presents the successful author, actual case studies, sells the dream/desired outcome and entices clients to book an appointment in your calendar.

You get to show how good you are, what your clients are saying about and get the viewer to really want to work with you.

The close is something like..

“I’ve just shown you how I’ve helped these people who were probably in a similar situation as yours and I may well be able to help you too.

Unfortunately, my time very is very limited and I only work with clients I think I can really help and there is a long list of prospects in a queue. If you think I can help you, fill up this application form and tell me why we would be a good fit.

Want Us To Build A High Ticket Funnel For You? Book An Appointment Here

3. Questionnaire/Application Form

The questionnaire is a pre-sell to the high ticket program.

It digs out the pain, amplifies it and qualifies the prospect’s budget.

It also weeds out the tire kickers and time wasters.

If you look at it closely enough, the questionnaire is a set of pain agitating questions that is actually selling them the solution you’re offering to them.

While they are filling the questionnaire, they are secretly pre-selling the program to themselves without even know it.

4. Appointment/Calendar page.

After filling up the application form, your prospects land up on your calendar.

That’s it.

You then get on the call and sell your High Ticket Products Or Consulting Services.

The beauty of this funnel is that by the time people get on the phone with you, they are already sold on your solution and are ready to buy.

Now the other important piece of the puzzle is your offer. You need to have an irresistible offer and that’s a story for another day.

Go ahead and implement what you just learned.

Signing off

Rajeev Kistoo

Founder –

PS: Glad you read this article from top to bottom, I am stoked.

My team and I build funnels for a living and if you want me to build an Appointment Machine for you, I would be happy to oblige.

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