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Dear Business Owner,

I have been building funnels for the past 12 years and I have run 100s of tests to find out what works best.

What I found out is pretty interesting.

You need different types of funnels for different markets, that’s obvious. But you also need different types of funnels for different types of audiences in the same market. I will explain more about that later.  

Generally, the simpler the funnel, the better the results you’ll get.

Until I learned it the hard way through my own tests, I used to believe that building a list was the solution to all marketing problems.

Sometimes you don’t need to give away a freebie/lead magnet and need to go direct to your offer.

Building a list, like advised by many Gurus out there is not always the best approach.

I won’t get into those details just now but let me introduce you to the 3 most effective funnels I use to generate High Ticket Leads.

I am just laying them in front of you. Up to you to decide which one will be the best fit for your situation based on your offer and your market.

All the funnels listed here generate an appointment for a high ticket sale.

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1. Case Study Funnel

Squeezepage > Upsell Page > Application Form > Calendar

This funnel works well where you need to quickly demonstrate how you can help to busy individuals.

If you’re targeting people who are already successful and want to quickly show your past results, this is the perfect format.

When you use the case study angle, you get the attention of people who want to see numbers, facts and past results. 

That also means that it can appeal to CEOs, CTOs, CROs etc. It would work in a b2b environment.

The success of your funnel will depend heavily on your Case study video. If you have plenty of success stories, this is your best option for getting clients fast.

The Squeeze page will go with a headline like this:

Case Study Video: 
How My Clients Got XXXX Results In XX Amount Of Days Without [ Usual Big Objection ]

Users will need to opt-in to watch the case study.

The next page hosts the case study video and the goal of the case study video is to sell the appointment to qualified leads.

You’d structure the video like this

Get Attention > Your Story > 3 case studies > Qualify > Close

A case study funnel is a very good alternative to a webinar funnel and works well when you’re targeting a busy avatar.

The upsell video is usually up to 12 minutes long and it can get you appointments like clockwork if you have a good video.

2. The Webinar Funnel

The flow:

Webinar Funnel > Application Form > Calendar

Follow up emails > Recap Salesletter > Application Form  > Calendar

Let me start by telling you when you DON’t need a webinar.

In some very competitive markets, you don’t need to educate your prospects about the pain or the solution. 

Prospects are generally very aware of solutions out there, have probably tried and failed with a few and are even sceptical in some cases. The weight loss market is a good example of that.

You generally need a webinar funnel when you need to sell people on the pain, agitate it, sell the dream and sell YOUR solution.

Think of it like this.

The first time you meet someone, you can easily convince that person to have a coffee with you. If you ask that person to get married to you the first time you meet, you’re bound to fail.

The logical way would be coffee, then lunch/dinner and you get where I am going with this.

A webinar is like a proper date night. You want someone’s attention for at least 1 hour, so people have to make time for it. 

So that’s why I often advise my clients to put an ebook funnel above the webinar funnel. [ That ebook is like offering coffee ]

After people grab the ebook, you’d have a page which would invite them to the webinar.

The copy would be something like.

Hey thanks for requesting your ebook, I’ve sent it to your inbox. I have put together a training to teach you how to get XXXX.

There are very limited seats available and add a bit of copy about the benefits of the training.

You can sign-up for it here…

By adding an ebook in front of a webinar funnel, you’ll reduce your lead acquisition cost in general. Many people will grab an ebook easily but won’t sit on a webinar for an hour. The beauty is that you’re capturing the same audience but asking for a smaller commitment.

Now another important element to note is the Salesletter. 

That’s usually a recap Long form Salesletter which is not too much of a hard sell but more a recap of why you should book a call. We send it to users who have already watch the webinar or part of it but have not yet booked a call.

So if you need “sell the pain”, then sell the dream, then sell the solution, a webinar funnel would be perfect for you.


3. 1 Step Funnel ( my fav )

The Flow…

Advert > Salesletter > Application Form > Calendar

This is my favorite type of funnel. 

It’s simple but very effective.

This type of funnel works in very competitive markets where your customers are very aware of the problem and the solution.

E.g if you’re in the weight loss market, credit repair market or personal or corporate tax accounting, you don’t need to have someone sit on a webinar for 1 hour to sell them your product. 

Your prospects already know the pain they are in and already know what the solution is. 

You can very often get their business just by showing them an ad about how you can solve their problem in a better way.

There you have it.

You have all the secrets that people get you on 1 hour webinar to “reveal” to you.

Your success is in one of those funnels above.

Go and build one yourself

Or hire my team to build one for you. 

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